On my way again!

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These last few months have been difficult while I’ve been recovering from a full knee replacement (aftermath of a skiing accident long ago) which meant several weeks in hospital and rehab, plus intensive rehab since – but at last I’m feeling ‘normal’. And I have so many good things to look forward to, starting with Writers Unleashed, the Sutherland Shire Writ...

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Love Reading and Writing Historical Fiction?

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There’s a treat in store in September for all lovers of historical fiction with the upcoming Historical Novels Society of Australasia in Melbourne in September.  For further details of the conference, plus booking, please go to  And for Sydney-siders there’s a special satellite event at Gordon Library on Wednesday, 26th July from 6 – 8 pm to give...

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Another opportunity for authors

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While in hospital I also heard from Ali Albazaz who has put together a list of 100 writing competitions from around the world in a variety of genres which provide a great opportunity for authors, especially aspiring authors, to test their work against international writers and, perhaps, take out a substantial prize at the same time.  Ali tells me that her company is also trying to create ...

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Opportunity for Authors

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Apologies for the long silence from me: I’ve been in hospital having a knee replacement (ouch!) followed by two weeks at rehab and am now on an ongoing rehab programme to get my knee bending and stretching again.  A work in progress, and a painful one, but things improve day by day so I’m trying to take it easy, do the exercises, and generally focus on getting a properly funct...

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Follow that Horse!

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Join Isolde Martyn, Elisabeth Storrs, Julianne Miles-Brown and Debbie Robson at Sutherland library on Monday 29th May from 6.30 – 8.30 pm to hear how these talented authors of historical fiction set about researching and writing their books, from the first ‘inkle’ that set them chasing down the road and ending with how they set about publicising and marketing their books ...

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TLs, the conference, and the QS

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It was such a pleasure to be invited to join several other children’s authors and meet so many inspirational teacher/librarians at the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay’s TLs conference in Manly on Thursday. A group of us met Education Officer Julie Regalado from the Quarantine Station for a tour of some of the iconic buildings up there, and I was able to read an extract from the ...

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