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News Flash!

Blood Oath

Announcing publication of The Janna Chronicles

For fans of the highly acclaimed and award-winning medieval murder and mystery series, The Janna Mysteries, I'm delighted to report that this series has now been rewritten, retitled and repackaged as adult fiction. The novels have been retitled, and will be published monthly by Momentum Australia as from mid-January 2015 under the overall title of The Janna Chronicles. Look out for the following titles:

  1. Blood Oath
  2. Stolen Child
  3. Unholy Murder
  4. Pilgrim of Death
  5. Devil's Brew
  6. Day of Judgment

The series is available in e-book and print format. Please go to www.momentumbooks.com.au for more information. Please note that the series will still be suitable for older teenagers.

I, Morgana

(Adult Fiction)

Schooled in magic by Merlin, promised a kingdom, and betrayed by everyone she has ever loved and trusted, Morgana's revenge will destroy Camelot and break her heart – with repercussions for our own time unless she can learn from the past in time to protect our future. Published by Momentum – go to www.momentumbooks.com.au/books/i-morgana for more information.

Di Yerbury writer's award

My thanks to Professor Di Yerbury and the Society of Women Writers NSW for awarding me the inaugural Di Yerbury writer's residency in the UK next year, 2015. This provides accommodation in beautiful Barnstaple in North Devon for 3 months during which I'll be able to research and write the sequel to I, Morgana with the working titled Return to Camelot. I'm looking forward to following the story of Morgana's daughter Marie, set adrift in our own world as she writes her lais and tries to hold at bay the terrifying images of the destruction of London that haunt her. This is also the story of the present day Morgan, who holds the future of our world in her hands - if only she can be persuaded to honour the magical practices of her ancestors. (Read more about Morgana, Marie and the sequel on my blog under 'A Room of One's Own – in the UK!' and also on the I, Morgana page.)

Ghost Boy Film

Ghost Boy

I'm delighted to report that my novel GHOST BOY is currently in the early stages of film development! Sydney producers Bianca Biasi and Rebekah Biasi from Morning Starr Productions have picked up the option from Random House and negotiations on all fronts are under way. There's also interest from 20th Century Fox for distribution. It's been a long-held dream of mine to see Ghost Boy come to the screen as it's a ripper story and its setting (the Quarantine Station at Sydney's North Head) is so atmospheric. It's a wonderful site, genuinely historic (it's the most intact quarantine station in Australia and possibly even the world) and it has a fascinating (and grisly) past. Ghost Boy explores part of that history: an outbreak of smallpox in 1881 during which time conditions were so bad that a Royal Commission was subsequently held and an extensive rebuilding programme commenced as a result. Moving between the present and the past, Ghost Boy taps into history and a family mystery, where Froggy has to confront his worst nightmares so that the 'ghost boy' can be set free. Ghost Boy is for readers at upper primary-lower secondary level.

The Little Penguins of Manly

The Little Penguins of Manly

The Little Penguins of Manly is crammed full of facts (and beautiful photographs) about little penguins, and about the endangered little penguin colony of Manly in particular. This is the only little penguin colony on the mainland of Australia and you can read all about these cute little creatures on my book page. (Do you know that Shirley Maclaine has taken a copy of my book back to the USA with her? Let's hope it becomes a best seller over there too!). Download the Launch Poster

A Ring Through Time

Award for A Ring Through Time

A Ring Through Time has won the 2013 Society of Women Writers biennial book award in the Junior Fiction/YA category.

I'm also delighted to report that A Ring Through Time recently received a Highly Commended in the Davitt Awards, presented by Sisters in Crime in Melbourne. Go to the Ring Through Time page to read more about this ghostly mystery set on beautiful Norfolk Island with its dark and tragic past.

Interview about my books and, in particular, A Ring Through Time, recorded with Pat Harding, Executive Producer of News and Current Affairs, Radio Great Southern, WA.

'A Ring Through Time' published by Harper Collins in March 2013. Teachers' notes available. 'Allie's growing love for Noah is doomed unless she can solve the mysteries of the past and lay the ghosts to rest.'

Watch the video book trailer for 'Thyme for Trust' below.

The Janna Mysteries are now out of print. A new version of this highly acclaimed and award-winning medieval murder mystery series has been rewritten with an adult fiction market in mind, and The Janna Chronicles will be published and released in e-book and pb format by Momentum Books Australia, one every month, as from mid-January 2015. For more information, please go to separate pages for each title: #1: Blood Oath; #2 Stolen Child; #3 Unholy Alliance; #4 Pilgrim of Death; #5 Devil's Brew and #6 Day of Judgment. Please note that the series will still be suitable for a YA readership.

Rosemary for Remembrance & Rue for Repentance
Lillies for Love
Willows for Weeping
Sage For Sanctuary
Thyme For Trust

The Janna Mysteries are listed on the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge.

Sage for Sanctuary: "... this is another beautiful, intriguing story, and adds so much more to Janna's character, her choices and her life... I loved this book as much as I loved the previous four, and can't wait for the final instalment!" Seven Sacred Sites.
See more Customer Reviews of 'Sage for Sanctuary' on amazon.com.

Thyme for Trust: "A satisfying end to a much-loved series ...The very best of young adult reading, and very enjoyable for many an adult reader too!" Dr Crisetta Macleod.
See more Customer Reviews of 'Thyme for Trust' on amazon.com.


Ghost BoyTurning The Page

Ghost Boy and Turning the Page are on the NSW Premier's Reading List, 2010;
Ghost Boy is on the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge list

Return to Shalott
The Final Journey

All of the books in The Shalott Trilogy are on the NSW Premier's Reading List, 2010 and also on the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge list.

A tour based on Ghost Boy is now available up at the Quarantine Station, Sydney, for schools studying the novel. For more information, please go to the Ghost Boy page or phone the Education Co-ordinator on (02) 9466 1500 to make a booking for the Ghost Boy tour, or email: education@qstation.com Bookings essential. For further information go to www.qstation.com.au NB Teachers notes on the tour are available to download from the Q-station site. See also 'For teachers', or visit www.randomhouse.com.au for teachers' notes on all of the above novels.